Hello, I want to thank you for visiting my website. I am starting a new series of off-set prints that pertain to a subject close to my heart, the Western Theater of the American Civil War. This will include both Northern and Southern subject matter. This theater of the war has often been neglected and I want to remedy that. The first print of the series portrays the 7th Florida at the Battle of Dallas during the Atlanta Campaign of 1864. The second portrays the Tennessee Division of Bushrod Johnson in the Confederate breakthrough near the Brotherton Farm at the Battle of Chickamauga in Georgia in 1863.

The third print, due out in February 2018 will be the furling of a Confederate regimental flag after the surrender of General Johnston to General Sherman at Bennett’s Place near Durham, North Carolina in 1865.

I am keeping the edition low and the price the same. I hope you will enjoy my artwork.

I want to place a heads up to y’all, it is the Carnton Plantation at Franklin, TN. If you have not visited the City of Franklin, you really ought to. The City is doing a fantastic job in it’s preservation of the 1864 battle that took place there. The Carnton Mansion’s gift shop carries a set of three small giclee prints I did for them. One is of Confederate troops marching by the mansion during the Battle of Franklin, the second shows  Federal troops streaming by the Carter House before the battle, and last the Confederate Cemetery on the Carnton property after the War in 1866. Please support them and other Civil War sites in their goal to preserve our past so future generations can visit and understand their roots.