7th Florida - Noble Daring

The painting portrays the charge of the Regiment of the 7th Florida at the Battle of Dallas, GA on May 28, 1864. The Battle of Dallas was part of  three separate battles along the Dallas-New Hope Line. The battles included New Hope Church, Pickett’s Mill, and Dallas. These took place in the larger Atlanta Campaign of 1864. Dallas started off as a recon in force to see if the Federal line of Gen McPherson had been weakened. Confederate cavalry was to test the Federal line and if they found it weak they were to fire 4 cannon shots to let the Confederate infantry know to attack the entrenchments of the depleted Yankee line. The ruckus kicked up by the Confederate cavalry probe caused Confederate Maj Gen Bate to mistake it for the four cannon startup signal and he ordered his Division forward.  The Federal line was not depleted. The Florida and Kentucky regiments of Bate’s walked into withering Union fire from a well entrenched line. They had no chance in this forlorn attack and took substantial casualties. They never forgave Bate’s for his mistake.

Signed and numbered edition of 200.
Size: 16 x 9.75"
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